Sedation Dentistry in Auburn, MA - Reduce Dental Anxiety and Stress

For years, sedation dentistry has made anxious patients more comfortable in the dentist's chair.  At Auburn Family Dental, we are your home for sedation dentistry in Auburn, MA. By using sedation during treatment, your dental visit will be worry-free – you’ll be completely relaxed and may even be able to fall asleep during your trip to our office.  You no longer have to let fear of the dentist compromise your oral health.

Dental Sedation Options

There is more than one way to receive sedation. Picking the best choice for you will depend on the kind of dental treatment you’re seeking, how long your visit is expected to take, and your overall health. Our office provides two effective ways for sedation dentistry:

Oral Conscious Sedation – This sedative option relaxes patients with oral medication. Many patients prefer this method over nitrous oxide, as it provides a deeper level of relaxation, and doesn’t involve wearing a mask over your nose and mouth. Medications for oral conscious sedation vary in their strength and how long they’ll stay in your system, which is why our dentists help you pick the medication and level of sedation that is appropriate for your anxiety and treatment plan.

IV Sedation – As indicated by its name, sedation can also be administered intravenously for more complete sedation, when necessary. IV sedation is most often used for more comprehensive treatment, for patients who have special needs, or who would have a difficult time spending a longer visit in a dental chair. This method of giving sedative medication is reliable and takes effect quickly.

The whole team at Auburn Family Dental makes your comfort their foremost concern. Receiving sedation dentistry from our Auburn, MA dental office is the best way to have a positive experience at the dental office.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Sedation has been used effectively and safely in dental offices for many years. When administered by qualified professionals, your sedation dental appointment will provide you with the comfort you need to confidently seek out dental care.

Our dentists have decades of experience and are able to safely care for fearful patients who would benefit from sedation during their dental visit. Before recommending or giving sedation, we go over your medical and oral health history in order to select the best method for caring for your dental anxiety.

Oral Conscious and IV Sedation Dentistry in Auburn, MA

You don’t have to let your fear of dental treatments prevent you from having a healthy and beautiful smile. Auburn Family Dental provides customized sedation dentistry to fit your needs and help you feel at-ease at the dentist’s office. For more information about dental sedation, call our office for your consultation.

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